It hasn’t rained in weeks…Β 

In Scotland u think, brave heart, scottie dogs, nessie and the rain… 

Well for weeks here it has been so dry and sunny we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Well that’s a lie we spend alot more time out doors and we burn. Our pasty white skin for a few weeks goes lobster red πŸ™‚ 

The last few weeks we have had lots of garden time with the monsters. Buster loves to sun bathe and belle she loves to chase her toy round the garden. 

Where as graham and I well we enjoy a wee glass of fizz and a picnic. The last few weeks have been nice to enjoy the outdoors but also for me who works nights it’s some well deserved vitamin D. Graham and I both work really annoying hours so we grab the time when we can to do things together. It’s usually just the odd hour here and there but it’s worth it. 

Enjoying the early summer πŸ™‚ 

Love Rochelle xxx

Happy Birthday to us…Β 

May is a special month it’s both my birthday and my amazing mothers. She turned the big 50 this year and all she asked for was a spa day with me. Which we did, we went to the stunning Macdonald Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh where we live and we had a day of pampering and treats and as a extra surprise I booked for us to stay overnight to. We had champagne and steak in bed and also decided breakfast in bed to was a must lol. The cheeky wee overnight was truly amazing and just what we wanted to recharge, the treatments were great and left feeling totally blissed out πŸ˜‰ 

Lots of love 

Rochelle xx

Thinking to much

Some days I stop myself from moving on, I am 31 this month and I still sometimes feel like I am not grown up enough for some things.. Do you ever feel that?

Been in the job I have been for so long has also given my a sense of fear at times that I wouldn’t be good enough at the jobs I’ve applied for, I’ve even sabotaged myself by not going to interviews and think it’s stupid to want to make things better. 

Ita hard to shake of doubts and fears as you know where you are is safe and secure, but it also means you never move forward you always stay still. That’s where I am now treading water… Sometimes I feel like I am waiting on my life to start and others I am pushing forward and trying to change. But the self sabotager in me always pushes me back. 

I have alot still to learn about myself about how I can change this cycle of nothing. It’s down to me to find confidence in myself and in what I KNOW I can achieve. It will take some time but I will break the chain. 

I am confident and happy in so many other ways and it frustrates me so so much that I have the ability to make the changes I am just scared. Now today this is huge cause normally I’d just make excuses but I am to honest a person to not admit it. I Am SCARED OF CHANGE OF SOME UNKNOWNS AND TO MAKE THE LEAP! 

Dont know what’s next…. 

Love Rochelle xxx

Spring escapes…Β 

Today we got up early to catch the sun πŸ™‚ and took the pups for a long walk. We went to a seaside town called Gullane first which has lovely sand dunes and long walks. 

It was really windy but didn’t stop us from having a good trek on the beach πŸ˜‰ we really enjoyed the surf to even little belle got in the sea which for the record is freezing lol

We also went to visit Archerfield Walled Garden which is lovely. Small garden with a fairy trail. Here the local bus company were launching their new service so it was nice to see some shiny new buses. 

To round the afternoon we went to North Berwick and collected fish and chips and we drove round to a near by place called Yellowcraig’s and had a picnic with the doggies 

Hope you all had a lovely day.. 

Love Rochelle xxx

Safari Day

So I got a shiny new camera as a belated Christmas present in March and never got round to using it so yesterday we took my amazing little neice to Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling! Its amazing has drive through enclosures and large open spaces with lots of amazing animals. As it’s spring there were quite a few babies to from lions, rhino’s and deer! So I’ve decided to put a few up here πŸ™‚ 

Happy Easter guys xxx

Love Rochelle xx

Wee Easter escape

This is just a wee short blog to say how much fun I had today with my neice at the safari park with my mother in law and graham my hubby! 

We took her to blair Drummond safari park it was ace and later I’ll post some pics from my new camera of all the wonderful animals πŸ™‚ 

Love and hugs Rochelle xxx

Ice Bar AmsterdamΒ 

In March I headed off to Amsterdam for a day trip with my great friend Claire. She had always wanted to do a thing called boogie on the boat (will be another post about that) which ment a day to explore Amsterdam. 

Having been many times before I wanted to try a few things I hadn’t before so we did a wee bus tour round the city, which was great except the bus windows kept steaming up as it was so cold outside. It was a great way to spend going round the city as we really only had a few hours. 

We then decided to stop off at the Ice Bar for a few cocktails. Now I’ve been to the extremely posh ice bar in London and this isn’t like that it’s a bit more rough round the edges, but for 15 euro for entry and 3 free drinks it definitely was worth the visit. You enter the pub and they play a short video about the experience while you sip your first cocktail. 

Once you’ve put on the weather gear that is gloves and a big coat you enter the ice bar now this if you look closely is a massive freezer which has been turned into art with tables made of ice and artifacts suspended in time locked in an ice cage. Here you got your next couple of drinks in your own ice mug! They aren’t scared of measures either I had two different vodkas one nutty and one that tasted like whipped ice cream. 

The full experience maybe only took 45 mins from first drink to coming back into the main bar but it was fun and would definitely go again. 

Lots of love Rochelle xxx